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Federal Court Reporter Website TIPS

The U.S. court reporter websites have been created to streamline the process of receiving transcript orders, to create the ability to easily accept credit card payments, if you wish, using a FREE PAYPAL ACCOUNT, and to make your life easier in general.

All transcript orders come into your email in box as one basic layout and you have the information YOU need at your fingertips in a consistent format. The orders will also be numbered sequentially. Your website will simplify the process of attorneys ordering transcripts and your ability to stay on top of those orders while you're in court AND streamline your workload. Your site comes with a Thank You page, which the visitor will land on upon completion of the contact form. The Thank You page also includes a link to the Court website on filing appeals in case the attorney is filing an appeal, as well as a link to the court's order form, the form required by the Court in most districts.


- Add your website to your business card or even simply give it out on a Post-it.  When attorneys approach you in court and want to order a transcript, you can now say, "Please fill out the form on my website," give them the name of your website.

- Change your outgoing message on your office telephone referring the caller to your website to order a transcript thereby eliminating rambling messages.

- Reply to a "generic" email transcript request with a link to your website online form.

- Request your court website to list your website in your contact information.

If your site has been just completed, read on. . .


You will be receiving a test email from NoEmailGiven@nowhere.none.
This will be a test transcript order from your online web form. It's just to show you what happens. It's easy to spot, so you'll always know it's a transcript order.

You will always click on the person's email address within the form to reply to them, so go ahead and click on our email address and send us an email saying you have received your first form.

Your first reply to this party who sends you a request from your website should be, "I have received your email and will get back to you soon with an estimate and payment instructions." This way, they know the form was sent successfully and they won't wonder while they wait patiently for your estimate. A Thank You page has also been created for you, which is only seen after the Submit button has been clicked on the form. This page also informs the viewer that their order was sent successfully to you and that you will be contacting them soon. Later, when you get time, you can then send them your estimate and payment instructions. They also will be directed to the Court's website on appeals and the transcript order form for the courts.

Print out the form and file your orders in your new Transcript Orders file. It's an easy method to keep track of everything that comes in!

Adding PayPal

If you would like to add the capability of accepting credit cards on your website, you'll need a FREE PAYPAL ACCOUNT. Do not sign up for the business account.

The process for completely setting up a Paypal account takes 2-3 days.
1. Start by signing up for a FREE PAYPAL ACCOUNT.  You will use any email account that you choose, or maybe a newly created one for business. 
2. Add the bank account of your choice. You're allowed one bank account per email address.
3. Paypal will make two small deposits in that account. Check your email daily. It will be like .35 or .24.
4. Confirm receipt of those deposits following the instructionsin the email.

Other things to know regarding PayPal
- Your deposited money remains in your PayPal account until you transfer it to your own bank account.
- You can pay anyone else who has a PayPal account, like a scopist or proofreader, straight from PayPal.
- For anyone to send you money, all they need is your email address. Refer them to the PayPal main site (paypal.com) to pay you.
- You have the ability to create an invoice straight from the PayPal site and send it by email with a link for easy payment.

If you are interested in learning more or would like us to help with your website project, please feel free to contact us through our convenient contact form.


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